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Barbie Collection

¡Disponible por Tiempo Limitado!

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Cada par uno de nuestros pares es pintado a mano meticulosamente con pintura especial Angelus, en cada trazo te llevas lo mejor de Años de práctica de un Artista para hacer de tu próximo calzado un accesorio único y exclusivo para ti. Te llevas una pieza de Arte que no te vas a querer quitar Jamás!

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Healthy Meets Delicious

Fizzy offers the taste of the soda you cherished during your childhood but with the extra advantage of promoting digestive health and nourishing your microbiome. Our unique blend combines plant fiber, prebiotics, botanical extracts, and a sprinkle of enchantment to create a soda that not only tastes great but also contributes to your overall well-being.

Quality in Every Can


Digestive Health Support

Natural Flavor

No Stevia


Gluten Free

GMO Free


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Why People Love Us

Rihanna A.

Fizzy is my favorite! I love how delicious the flavors are and the perks they have. It's the perfect mid-day pick me up and I really appreciate how most of the flavors are caffeine free!

Lucian C.

100% recommend Fizzy to everyone!! Why are we still drinking other products that are filled with sugar! Fizzy has all the goods and I love your drinks!

Chelsea H.

I love the way it makes me feel most of all. The taste is definitely satisfying. It's a wonderful treat that is helpful to my body. I'm grateful to have found Fizzy.

Tim S.

All of the flavors are really good. They taste just like the flavors listed, even better than sodas of the same flavor. I love that they have good for the gut ingredients and fiber.

Greta C.

My daughter loves Fizzy and has gotten her friends on the bandwagon too! They have noticed a huge difference in their day to day activities since incorporating Fizzy.

Cole P.

I did not enjoy any of the flavor at first as there was an earthy twist to it. That being said, I started drinking one every morning and now I find myself drinking 1-2 cans a day.

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