Customizable Tote Bag

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You get a Work of Art , each garment is meticulously hand-painted, and will be unique and unrepeatable with special paint that does not erase , in each stroke you take the best of years of practice of each of our Artists, creating a unique accessory and exclusive for you. We give you a piece of art that you will never want to take off.

  • First click Select File
  • Upload reference photos for your design
  • Select color and size
  • Add to cart and READY!

IMPORTANT: Do not forget to attach your reference or send it to any of our networks within a period of no more than 72 hours, we will contact you to land and design your idea together, and deliver you a digital design, here is an example of some that we have made:

Customization options:

  • Front part

The trendy organic tote bag is perfect for running errands comfortably and without losing style. Thanks to its lower reinforcement, it has enough space to do the shopping, go to the beach or even for a weekend getaway. The durable, high-quality material and monochrome look will make your original designs stand out.

  • 100% combed organic cotton
  • Light and thin material
  • Dimensions: 36cm × 40cm × 7cm
You support Mexican Artists

With your purchase you support the economy of Artists from All Mexico, we are a Collective group with great talent

The perfect present

Let's see, let's be honest, everyone will be surprised to receive hand-painted shoes, it is an INFALLIBLE gift


Exclusivity comes in limited quantities, no one will have a pair equal to yours

You make your idea come true

We transform your idea into something real that you can use, and that is invaluable

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